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US Olympic Team
Track and Field
Athens 2004
Decathlon Scoring Calculator

EventMark Points

100 Meters =
Long Jump =
Shot Put =
High Jump =
400 Meters =

First Day

Total Score
EventMark Points

110m Hurdles =
Discus =
Pole Vault =
Javelin =
1500 Meters =

Second Day

Metric Calculator
FeetInches Meters
Ex: 23Ex: 11.75

Reverse Calculator
Meters FeetInches
Ex: 7.31

The Metric Calculator is very nearly 100% accurate (except for the long throws, because marks are measured in meters, then converted to feet--marks in feet do not record fractions of an inch). The Reverse calculator is somewhat less accurate, because of the problems of converting a less precise unit of measurement to a more precise measurement. For example, .25 inches and .50 inches both convert to .01 meters, and the long jump WR (8.95) converts to 29-04.25 but is really 29-04.50. So, the Reverse calculator will be not be completely accurate, however, it will serve the purpose it was designed for-to give a good idea of the distance of a metric mark.

This Decathlon Scoring calculator, while probably 99.9% accurate, is not without its flaws. If you happen to find an error or a miscalculation (even if it is off by just one point), let me know-chances are, it is dropping decimal places when it should be rounding them, or some easy fix like that. So, have fun with this!